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We partner with APS as our billing service provider. This allows us to provide industry experts via APS’s Call Center to assist patients in understanding their bill, allows patients to provide updated information, while also allowing patients to make payments online or through their 24/7 automated voice system. Granting us the ability to make this process as easy as possible.

Financial Aid

We are dedicated to making healthcare services accessible to our community. We acknowledge the needs of patients and families who are unable to afford the cost of medical care. In that regard, our physician group and laboratory may provide medically necessary healthcare services at a discount to patients with demonstrated financial hardships. To manage our resources and responsibilities, and to allow us to provide assistance to the greatest number of families in need, we have established guidelines for providing Financial Assistance.

Financial Assistance will be considered for those individuals who are uninsured, underinsured, and/or ineligible for any government health-care program and who are unable to pay for their care based upon a documented determination of financial need in accordance with this Financial Assistance Policy. Discounts of 50-100% may be offered to qualifying individuals or families. In order to receive assistance, patients must complete the Financial Assistance Application and provide supporting documentation demonstrating financial need.

Download Financial Assistance Application